Tomorrow, I will travel to Jacmel, in Haiti, where both my parents grew up. I was born in this country, but had to leave it when I was still a baby.
I haven't returned there for 20 years now and have been preparing this journey for a long time in order to get back with a
relevant project.

During 3
weeks, I am going to run a photography workshop for young Haitians. My intention is to share as much of my knowledge about photography as possible  with them
Portrait Lab will therefore be carried on in a new human environment that you will be discovering along with me.

During these 3 weeks, I will also be working on another personal project. 

I have very often been asked what is the link between my Haitian background and my work. As it remains difficult for me to verbalize an answer to this intricate question, I will work to produce it through images.

Part of this work will be posted on my website
www.henryroy.com when I get back.

Translated from French by Adélaïde Gomes

The Japanese stylist Shino Itoi looks like a well-behaved girl when she smiles, but when I had the opportunity to collaborate with her, I've been impressed by her ability to work hard (Paris)