GUEST: Giasco Bertoli

   Antoine looking out a big window (Photography and text Giasco Bertoli. Locarno Lido, Switzerland)

Last time I saw Juliette Morice, she was just a little girl. Time goes by... (Paris)


Diango (Jonas' friend) in front of the hotel where he and his family have been living for more than one year (Paris)

GUEST: Giasco Bertoli

   Sexy 2012 and gray overall in a body shop (Photography and text Giasco Bertoli. Maggia Valley, Switzerland)


GUEST: Giasco Bertoli

   My sons Primo and Antoine on our way to southern Switzerland (Photography and text Giasco Bertoli)






My next guest will be the artist Giasco Bertoli. He will post some of his work daily on Portrait lab from the 18th to the 23th of December.
I know Giasco since 1998, when I started collaborating at Purple magazine. By then, I already liked his work.
Along the following years, we kept each other informed regarding our different publications or exhibitions.
Giasco is a talented photographer and a nice guy, and I'm happy to invite him to give us his own perception of portrait. 
I will, of course, continue to post my own daily portrait.

My baby niece Angela watching a cartoon on my computer screen (Paris)


GUEST: Pablo Guerra

  Carolina Orrico is a charming young fashion stylist who walked me all around the huge neibourghood of Palermo in the search of a picture that we had already taken at her place. Here is that picture (Photography and text Pablo Guerra. Buenos Aires)

Robyn Nissen is a talented South African hair dresser and make up artist with a good energy. This afternoon, we talked about her country after Apartheid. I'm not sure she knows how beautiful she is (Cape Town)


Christof Van der Walt after a all day shooting. He worked for me as a digital assistant for a few days. I really appreciated his kindness and professionalism (Cape Town)

GUEST: Pablo Guerra

  When I came to Buenos Aires, the first thing of which I felt in love was cars, old cars from elder decades that crisscross the city  leaving behind them a trace of rusted glory, of almost childish pride. Beautiful (Photography and text Pablo Guerra. Buenos Aires)


Tired (Paris)

GUEST: Pablo Guerra

   Yamila Zarlenga is a make-up artist working in cinema and fashion. She invited me to her place in a steamming hot afternoon that we cooled drinking some mate (the herbal national drink of Argentina). I was introduced to her by a friend that I had photographed last year. 
I like the inquiring yet relaxed expression that she offers in this portrait. (Photography and text Pablo Guerra. Buenos Aires)


GUEST : Pablo Guerra

   This is a portrait of my friend Pía Ponti. I took it at the roof of her parent´s place, in Belgrano, a beautiful neighbourghood of Buenos Aires. She is also a photographer and a sound therapist. We talked about travels and she told me about her coming project of moving to Cordoba (Argentina) to have a country life and enjoy more nature (Photography and text Pablo Guerra. Buenos Aires)