Soon, I will be offering a new experience on Portrait Lab.
I am going to ask various artists I like to post several portraits of their selection. The only obligation will be that the portraits are taken on the very same day they are being posted.
My first guest will be Pablo Guerra,  a Spanish photographer based in Buenos Aires, whose sensitivity I like. We had dinner last summer in Paris and of course discussed about portrait. We also mentioned this one week contribution which will be started on December the 5th.
I will, of course, continue to produce my own daily portrait.

Translated from French by Adélaïde Gomes

Elliott Roy, my father, at work. I visited him today and gave him some fresh news from our family members living in Haïti (Paris)


Tout visage est une fête, un panneau d'indication, vers le grand bal masqué de la planète.

Every face is a celebration, a road sign leading towards the great global masquerade ball.

James Noël 
Translation Adélaïde Gomes

Horseshoe crab mask I bought a few months ago. Between african fetish and science fiction warrior (Paris)