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Hi Henry,

We've attached the final PDF (updated the cover to Imperial Blue). If all looks ok, 
we will send to print tomorrow. Once we have a set of proofs we will send them
to you to ok images.

Speak soon

On 10 March 2014 at 11:51 Henry Roy <henryroy.roy@gmail.com> wrote: 

Hi J&J,

I've just received the paper samples.
Thanks a lot.

- For the cover, I prefer the imperial blue option (this is a beautiful color!). I also like the gold foil very much

- Ok for the Monadknock Dulcet Smooth for the text pages and voodoo image

- Ok for the Naturalis Smooth for the image pages

- Regarding the sand full bleed pages, I prefer the Zen, but I'm afraid the image won't print well on it... What do you think?

Speak soon


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